Wj is on hiatus

•4 August, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Hi guys,

It has been super fun playing with you all but since starting work, I’ve lesser time for everything, much less WoW. I don’t have the enthusiasm and stamina to play (till Wotlk maybe). CM and Matt will be handling the main affairs of the guild from now on. Zuh will always help out on weekends. Thanks guys. I hope to see all of you when Wotlk launches.

Happy grinding,


WoTLK Beta Starts! (New version of questhelper)

•18 July, 2008 • 1 Comment

The Alpha NDA has been lifted and theres heaps of info goodness up on http://www.mmo-champion.com on whats coming up for Wrath. Go take a look. In addition, hunter and paladin abilities and talents has just been released.

Secondly, a new version of quest helper is out, so just ignore the quick fix and get the new version. Download it at http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/9924/

Happy reading!


Questhelper Quickfix

•16 July, 2008 • Leave a Comment

Since theres so many people using questhelper in guild and theres no new version out for 2.4.3 to address the problems, heres a quick fix to last your old quest helper until the new one is out. If your word editor doesn’t show lines, use the find function to skip to those lines.

open recycle.lua (in addons/questhelper) and comment (stick “–” in front of the line) out the following:

line 150:

line 228:
— tex:SetParent(nil)

Save, and completely restart WoW.



Arena Details

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Bear with me guys, this will be a long post.

As you already know, we have many 70s now, and we can do arena points farming with our 5v5 team (that has a very cool original name: General Goods). This special event (trying to sound cool like Blizzard but it’s just farming for arena points) will be on a first come, first served basis and there will usually be two scheduled timings that I will try to accommodate everyone. The detailed schedules will be up in the Arena schedules page that you can click on the right. We just completed this week’s arena with a 3-7 win-lose ratio. Not bad considering everyone’s resilience adds up to mine.

As there is a limit to the number of players we can fit in a team, we will try as far as possible to accomodate every level 70. Those with alternates will be shifted into either the 3v3 team or 2v2 team.

Unfortunately, our 5v5 team is currently full. Frank’s other six level 70s will have to team up with another 3v3 team. We have two 3v3 teams, WTF is FTW backwards (led by CM) and We Lag You Win (led by Matt). Feel free to approach CM or Matt if you like to join their team. Iirc, CM’s team has two empty slots!

FTW is WTF backwards (also led by CM) and Boo (led by Zuh) are our 2v2 teams. Please approach the respective leaders if you would like to join their team. Since Boo is closed, the only open team is the one CM is in. Do let him know if you’re interested, else you could always spend 80g on a new team.

Lastly, I’m proud to announce our first meet up we had at Sydney! Kudos to Jl for organising. Even the rare spawn (Terry) was spotted haha. A huge thank you to everyone who made the effort and braved the cold winds to come down and meet us. There should be another one in SG this December.

Happy farming,

Guild Leader Rotation

•10 July, 2008 • 1 Comment

Glead has been rotated to CM. I will be back next week to post more info on 5v5 arena since we have a bunch of 70s now. Happy grinding!


Ahune Vendored!

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We downed Ahune together, without a tank! Cheers to everyone who played a part. Having fun with friends sure beats pugging. Ahune might be easy to other guilds, but being a small guild, this is definitely a good achievement!

Here are the pioneers (L to R): Cm, Jl, Wj, Matt, Frank. (There’s something wrong with wordpress, I can’t post screenshot) Next, Zuh (we miss you, our uber tank!) and Jun joined in too. Grats to those who got the phat loots. Yes, that means only you, Frank, haha.

❤ you guys,

Season 4 Madness

•24 June, 2008 • Leave a Comment

It was 2am (SG time), Frank, Jun and I decided to be part of the maddening rush. Log in and loading screens were laggy. The Hall of legends was in a mess. Some pics of the madness below.

I didn’t believe it when Frank told me it was crazy inside

I was at the new arena (s4 items) vendor in Shatt. Very brisk business too.

Then, I proceeded to orgri and it was still crowded. I threw in a hurricane for good measure.

Grats to everyone getting their new gear! (Jun new s2 weap! Frank new guardian belt!)

On a side note: Good luck finding cheap enchant mats cos they are like crude oil, always getting more expensive! Btw, do note that I’m an enchanter now, albeit only at 350+ skill level.